HHS,  Administration for Children and Families, Program Instruction ACYF-CB-PI-18-05

This program instruction provides specific guidance on how States, territories and tribes directly operating a title IV-E program can apply for FY 2018 funds to develop, enhance or evaluate kinship navigator programs.  This funding request is fairly straightforward and must be completed by no later than July 20, 2018.  The process is laid out on page 5 of the announcement, and the request form is in attachment B linked below. 


HHS has estimated in Attachment A (also linked below) how much each jurisdiction is allocated.  No matching funds are required.  Because not all eligible states, territories and tribes may choose to apply,  HHS says that additional funding may be requested.  


Attachment A - Estimated Allotments to States and Territories 

Attachment B - Fiscal Year 2018 Kinship Navigator Funding Request

Attachment C - Regional Program Managers, Children's Bureau

Attachment D - Kinship Navigator Program Resources


Casey Family Programs Kinship Caregiver Navigator Pilot

Final evaluation report of Washington State's kinship navigator program (2005).


Family Connection Discretionary Grants 2009-Funded Grantees Cross-Site Evaluation Report – Final

Final evaluation report of the 2009 kinship navigator programs funded by the Children's Bureau (2013). 


Help Children Being Raised By Grandparents and Other Relatives and Their Relative Caregivers by Expanding and Establishing Kinship Navigator Programs

A fact sheet from the Children's Defense Fund (2009).


List of Kinship Navigator Programs

Updated in April of 2018, this spreadsheet contains the name of approximately 70 Kinship Navigator Programs throughout the country. Included in this document is the name of the progam, website and areas served (2018).


The Face of Kinship Care Documentary

This film, developed by CWLA and the NYS Kinship Navigator, portrays the compelling and inspiring stories of three kinship families and the love and devotion they show to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In a rare moment of recognition and validation, kinship caregivers see their story represented on screen. The film is a critical tool to help inspire, educate and energize human services agencies, caregivers, and policy makers.

If you are interested in more information on renting the film, please visit the CWLA bookstore.  The rental price is $19.95.


Using Kinship Navigators to Assess the Needs of Kinship Caregivers

Describes a kinship navigator program for kin caregivers involved in the child welfare system and explains supports that kinship caregivers need to be successful.  Sutphin. GandFamilies: The Contemporary Journal of Research, Practice, and Policy, 2(1), (2015).


2017 Child Information Gateway Podcasts

Arizona Kinship Support Services PSA & Caregiver Testimonials

Igniting Hope in South LA (from Community Coalition)